Frank's Bar

I present to you Frank's Bar. My aim was a run down, grungy and dimly lit basement bar. You can see some various pieces items are Fallout fan art, such as the wall terminal and posters. The signs are all referencing a synth album I released earlier this year. All screen shots are taken inside UE4. Some of the Substance Designer materials I created are in my Materials album here on ArtStation.

Thomas fraser entrance

I wanted to create an eerie dingy bar feel for the player. A scrolling hologram display and a bright neon sign do the trick. The main object the player sees upon entry is the shinny microphone on stage.

Thomas fraser booths

I created a few variations of the brick wall texture before I arrived at the one I liked. I also created a wooden floor texture, but went straight back to tiles as it suited the scene more.

Thomas fraser bar

It was a slight struggle with lighting. I wanted a dimly lit bar, but received a lot of criticism over how dark it was. Eventually I managed to achieve a great balance. Fog helped brighten the dark corners a lot.

Thomas fraser bathroom

My aim was to make the toilet and sink as dirty as they could be. The texturing was really fun here for obvious reasons.

Toilet and Sink wireframe.

Thomas fraser random renders

Here's some of my favourite props with the poly count. I was weary of the polycount throughout the entire process. For the register's buttons, I used ZBrush's booleans function, and baked a normal map which makes it look like the register has holes.

Thomas fraser holo sign

A scrolling hologram sign to greet customers upon entry.

Thomas fraser register

The bottles were originally a glass material, due to performance issues, I dropped them back to a regular opaque material. As dark materials, the bottles still look great!

Thomas fraser mic

Oddly enough I had the most fun creating those boxes you see in the background. As for the mic, I wanted it to give off that shinning glow to keep drawing the viewer's eyes in.

Thanks so much for checking out my project!