Forest Boulder

Personal practice project for environmental modeling. All texture colours can be easily changed with the click of a button. The vines have two ends and no base, so the bolder can be rotated in many ways and it always looks like vines are creeping around the boulder. I would have liked to do the moss in UE4 so the moss would always be at the top, no matter the rotation, but wouldn't be able to get it looking as nice as I did here.

This bolder has given me cool ideas for my next project.

3,700 vertices, 2k texture maps.

Thomas fraser bolder render 02

Decided to add a little life to my bolder; added moss and vines.

Thomas fraser bolder render 03

This bolder was more difficult to UV map than the last. Using UV master in ZBrush, I had to make about 7 polygroups in order to have ZBrush not crash on me. The rock is all one mesh.

Thomas fraser bolder render 01

In hindsight, the vines could have been a bit more thin in the middle and follow the crevasses of the rock more. Take note, future me.

Thomas fraser bolder render 04

I learned how to add black outline to my white text in Photoshop today. I'm starting to feel like an artist.