Wet Boulder

As usual, I had an absolute blast with the texturing process. All these different renders had different levels of dirt and rain water, which was quite easy to do using Substance Painter. A while ago I decided to start doing one rock sculpt per day to get better at rocks. Every new rock I did took longer than the previous, but far better. What can I say... I really like making rocks.

Thomas fraser render 02 wet

Post-rain rock. A great way to show off roughness is to have different levels of roughness right beside each other. Here, we have a rough dirt and a mixture of water, which feels nice on the eyes,

Thomas fraser render 01 grey

A cleaner version of the rock, I guess the rain must have done the trick!

Thomas fraser render 04 wet 2

Another slightly less wet rock.

Thomas fraser render 03 behind
Thomas fraser substance designer graph

The material I created in Substance Designer. The majority of the graph is for cracks which aren't very prevalent, and there was a separate graph created for the dirt texture.

Thomas fraser render 05 high poly

ZBrush high poly model. I went through 3 or 4 different iterations of the rock until I had something I was happy with.